Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should parents be allowed to homeschool their children? (Part 2)

I found this information in a news article that cites a report from the Frazier Institute. The Fraser Institute is an independent research and educational organization based in Canada. Its mission is to measure, study, and communicate the impact of competitive markets and government intervention on the welfare of individuals in Canada and the United States.

The article said, "Poorly educated parents who choose to teach their children at home produce better academic results for their children than public schools do. One study we reviewed found that students taught at home by mothers who never finished high school scored a full 55 percentage points higher than public school students from families with comparable education levels."

I thought that was interesting because it blows the argument that homeschooling 1. should require a credentialed teacher, not a parent, and that 2. only privileged children from well educated families can get a good education being schooled at home.

I personally think that nothing 1. replaces a one-on-one education within a loving environment and 2. the structure of our educational system is so severely flawed in so many ways, that anything anybody can do to help any child should be encouraged, even facilitated----especially if we are to build a strong tomorrow.


Shari said...

"allowed" is kind of a misnomer in some cases. I was forced to homeschool after it was determined that my child was just too smart for the public school system.

Although there is federal funding for children with disabilities, there is virtually nothing for gifted kids. The feeling is that because of their IQ, they will be able to "think" their way out of any situation they encounter. America is being left behind and this is one reason why. Our best and brightest should be nurtured not cast aside as inconvenient, or in the words of one school official "too resource intensive".

Lucky for me, I am able to homeschool and my son is thriving, but what about families that can't afford the financial burden? Families that homeschool should get the same monies for education that the schools get for the children enrolled. It would give more parents the opportunity to make the choice and many more children would get the benefits of a one on one education.

Resa Steindel Brown said...

Hi Shari,

I completely agree. We destroy most of our gifted kids because many school districts think that either one activity a week or worse, just more work, will address the needs of these kids. That’s ludicrous! These children are usually creative. They need to be able to express their creativity, daily, exploring what feeds their passion.


Mrs. B said...

I agree about receiving funding--but then will you have the freedom to use a certain curriculum or will you be mandated to use what the government says you should use? I would not want to take that risk. I have home-educated for 7 years now--I have a sophomore and an 8th grader.

Mrs. B said...
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